Building modern applications

Modular architecture patterns, serveless operational models, and agile development processes for faster innovation while reducing risk, time to market and total cost of ownership.

Feature 01

Modern Applications

Digital transformation has dramatically impacted the way organizations deliver value and the rate at which they make changes to their products.

Feature 02

Outcomes with Prototyping

Rapid prototyping accelerates business outcomes and dive deep into how you can unlock the power of the prototyping model to deliver outcomes.

Feature 03

Design Patterns

Best practice for modern application development is to use patterns to design and implement applications.

Feature 04

Operational Visibility

Microservices architectures adoption to, the distributed nature of systems that can provide new challenges to teams that are used to managing monolithic solutions.

Feature 05

Service Orchestration

From virtual machines, to containers, to serverless solutions, there are many options available to run these services in the cloud. However running a set of services is just the beginning.

Feature 06

AI/ML Actionable Insights

Text extraction, semantic search, sentiment analysis, metadata extraction, and predictive intelligence to extract actionable insights.

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